Friday, September 10, 2010

Eating Out

Now, introducing the "Eating Out" page! Here you'll be able to find all of my adventures of finding good food other than from my own home :).

I always thoroughly investigate restaurants before I eat them, I don't know why, but I feel it's necessary! If you like to do the same, then that's what this is for. Don't take me too seriously though, I wouldn't consider myself to be the best food critic since I am far too easily pleased!

Added bonus: there's a nice little button on the left side to direct you to all of this goodness. Yipeeee!
Orange County

Napa Rose {Anaheim, CA}
The Ramos House Cafe {San Juan Capistrano, CA}
Citrus City Grille {Orange, CA}
Ikea {Costa Mesa, CA}
Sprinkles {Newport Beach, CA}
Mochilato {Irvine, CA}
Anepalco's Cafe {Orange, CA}
Empanada's Place {Costa Mesa, CA}
Kaju Tofu House {Garden Grove, CA}
Fukada {Irvine, CA}
Bo 7 Mon/ 7 Courses of Beef {Garden Grove, CA}
Lola Gaspar {Santa Ana, CA}
Disneyland {Anaheim, CA}
Joe's Italian Ice {Anaheim, CA}
Thai Nakorn {Garden Grove, CA}
Slater's 50/50 {Anaheim, CA}
Gorguyeo Korean BBQ {Garden Grove, CA}
Cream Pan {Tustin, CA}
The Lime Truck {Irvine, CA}
In & Out {Orange, CA}
Milk + Honey {Costa Mesa, CA}
Bruxie {Orange, CA}
Boiling Crab {Garden Grove, CA}
Cafe Casse Croute {Anaheim, CA}
Tranquil Tea Lounge {Fullerton, CA}
Chapter One: The Modern Local {Santa Ana, CA}
Layer Cake Bakery {Irvine, CA}
Jagerhaus {Anaheim, CA}

Los Angeles County

Paulette {Los Angeles, CA}
Milk {Los Angeles, CA}
Porto's Bakery & Cafe {Glendale, CA}
Wat Thai New Years Festival {Los Angeles, CA}
The Oinkster {Eagle Rock, CA}
The Donut Man {Glendora, CA}
Phillipe's {Los Angeles, CA}
Gaja {Torrance, CA}
Europane {Pasadena, CA}
Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada {Los Angeles, CA}
The Spice Station {Los Angeles, CA}
Little Dom's {Los Angeles, CA}
Intelligentsia {Los Angeles, CA}
4100 Bar {Los Angeles, CA}
Class 302 {Rowland Heights, CA}
Boiling Point {Hacienda Heights, CA}
Daikokuya {Los Angeles, CA}
Bottega Louie {Los Angeles, CA}
King's Hawaiian Restaurant & Bakery {Torrance, CA}
Louise's Trattoria {Los Angeles, CA}
Simple Things {Los Angeles, CA}
Proof Bakery {Los Angeles, CA}
The Kitchen {Los Angeles, CA}


Mad Greek Cafe {Baker, CA}
Serendipity 3 {Las Vegas, NV}
Erick Schatt's Bakery {Bishop, CA}

Bay Area

Taylor's Automatic Refresher {San Francisco, CA}
Bi-Rite Creamery {San Francisco, CA}
Bob's Donuts {San Francisco, CA}
Katana-Ya {San Francisco, CA}
Mama's {San Francisco, CA}
Osha {San Francisco, CA}
Zazie {San Francisco, CA}
Ike's Place {San Francisco, CA}
Kan Zaman {San Francisco, CA}

New York

Clinton Street Baking Company {New York, NY}
Shake Shack {New York, NY}
Ippudo {New York, NY}
Russ & Daughters {New York, NY}
La Bella Ferrara {New York, NY}
Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles {New York, NY}
Chinatown Ice Cream Factory {New York, NY}
Kee's Chocolates {New York, NY}
The Doughnut Plant {New York, NY}
Sullivan St. Bakery {New York, NY}
Wafels & Dinges {New York, NY}
Sigmund Pretzels {New York, NY}
Num Pang {New York, NY}
Stand4 {New York, NY}
People's Pops {New York, NY}
Perilla {New York, NY}
Momofuku Milk Bar {New York, NY}
Levain Bakery {New York, NY}
63rd & 5th Halal Cart {New York, NY}
Caracas Arepas Bar {New York, NY}
Grimaldi's {Brooklyn, NY}

Oahu, HI

Waiola Shave Ice {Honolulu, HI}
Mana Bu's {Honolulu, HI}
Diamond Head Market & Grill {Honolulu, HI}
Leonard's Bakery {Honolulu, HI}
Giovanni's Aloha Shrimp Truck {North Shore, HI}
Tamura's Fine Wine & Liquors {Honolulu, HI}
Yama's Fish Market {Honolulu, HI}


  1. i love your blog and your pics! i live in SF and i know some of the places you shared, mama's cafè and osha are 2 of my favs.. now im curious to try the others :)
    thank u


  2. your blog is pretty bad ass, I just added it to my blogroll! We share the same last name too, w00t.

    I live in Texas but I'm going to LA soon (so this is awesommmee) and heading to San Diego, any recs for SD?

  3. @ Mai: thanks, that means a lot!! and yay for huynh's! sadly, i do not have many recommendations for SD because I haven't culinarily explored it yet :( , hopefully you'll find some great eats there

  4. Have you tried Urth Caffe...there are four or five locations in LA, but my favorite one is in the downtown industrial area (Alameda and 5th street...around there)

    If you like the beach- Santa Monica main street (if I am remembering correctly)
    West Hollywood crowd - I think on Melrose
    Bev Hills...near the newer Anthropologie!

    I used to work on 7th/Alameda at a charter school - now... I'm in Texas

    Try their Spanish Latte mmmmmmmmmmm
    And their desserts are always fabulous.

  5. @ Honey: I haven't tried Urth yet! I've always wanted to but never got the chance - definitely will next time I'm in the area :) Mmm what's a Spanish latte?