Sunday, January 16, 2011

Louise's Trattoria {Los Angeles, CA}

Me & my friend were looking for a place to eat lunch one day and the only thing we knew in the world that we wanted was carbs. Carbs in the form of bread and in the form of pasta, that we could enjoy together! We saw Louise's and we stopped the car - carbs it is!
Gosh I just love free, warm, crusty bread. Louise's gives you an unlimited amount of carb-y goodness. Served alongside olive oil and balsamic vinegar - yum!
My friend got the pappardelle with sausage in a cream sauce. I am such a huge fan of pappardelle - it's such an awesome pasta shape! I love the large sheets and it really is gorgeous. This pasta was delicious, creamy and meaty. It was nothing mind blowing but it sure did cure our carb craving! 
Pasta PORN!
I got the raviolli with mushrooms, tomatoes and light cream sauce. It was simply delicious, and though it was carb-y goodness in a cream sauce, it still tasted light which I think, is a hard feat to accomplish.

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