Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Diamond Head Market & Grill {Honolulu, HI}

I think if I lived in Hawaii, my go-to place would be Diamond Head Market & Grill. It's like a fantasy food land for me, filled with all kinds of delicious gourmet treats, fresh hot lunches and delicious baked-on-site goodies. My eyes were going banazas over all the take out food, perfect for an island picnic!

I grabbed three musubis to go for the plane ride home since apparently airlines don't provide meals anymore... womp womp. But on the upside, I bet these musubis were way more delicious than anything the airline could have given me. I got three varieties: salmon musubi with brown rice, char sui musubi and a traditional spam musubi with tamago mmmm! The spam-tamago was my favorite and had the most flavor, the tamago was a great addition! The salmon one was a bit flavorless to me, maybe if it came with some kind of sauce it would have been perfect.
As a last send-off treat, we decided to nom on some loco moco. I opted for brown rice which I liked cause it added a bit more texture. The hamburger patty was perfectly charred and so flavorful. Loco moco = heaven. 
But true heaven? These blueberry-cream cheese scones. All the locals told us we HAD TO get our hands on their scones and I am so thankful that I did because these scones were a revelation. Unlike any scone I've ever had... so moist, flaky, tender with pockets of delicious cream cheese and bursts of juicy blueberries. I was in heaven. They also had banana-cream cheese scones, but they already sold out by the time I got there... sadness because those sounded amazing!

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