Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck {North Shore, HI}

Shrimp. It's a tricky thing for me. I love shrimp, sometimes that is. I don't know why but for some reason I only like shrimp when it is cooked certain ways. I seriously cannot stand them just boiled, don't ask my why. I ask myself why all the time, and no conclusions have surfaced thus far. But, smothered in a delicious garlic sauce? Oh man, I'm all over that!!

Above and below is their famous Shrimp Scampi plate. Twelve juicy, succulent shrimps in the most heavenly garlic sauce served with two huge scoops of rice and topped with a mountain of fried garlic. Come on now, how can I not like that?! I died and went to garlic heaven.

We also tried their 'Hot & Spicy' plate which they warn you about since its supposed to be hellish hot, but actually it wasn't too bad for me. I guess I can handle the heat! Although it was seriously delicious, it can't really compare to garlic for me haha!

Finger lickin' good!

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