Sunday, January 16, 2011

Slater's 50/50

Slater's 50/50 is a straightforward place, which I can appreciate. They explain their whole concept in their name: 50/50, meaning half ground beef, half ground bacon burgers. Yep, it's officially been done.
This place is probably a glorified temple to bacon. Bacon salt, bacon mayonnaise, bacon burger patty's. It's a man's idea of heaven! For appetizers, we decided on the sweet potato fries served with cinnamon marshmallow dip, fried artichokes and vampire garlic-cheese dip.
The sweet potatoes were satisfying but nothing too special, and unfortunately served a bit lukewarm and not piping hot like i like my french fries. The fried artichokes were awfully greasy and made me feel a bit sick upon first bite - not the best feeling. But the vampire dip, was exactly as you'd expect a dip called vampire dip to be. It was garlic heaven! It was super greasy as well though, but the deep garlic flavor made up for it. 
Look at that stretchy, garlicky goodness:
My sister and I opted for their 'Flaming Hot' burger which had a spicy beef burger and crispy onion strings. Right when the waiter plopped it in front of me, I could smell the spiciness. Have you ever smelled spiciness? I never had either, but this thing was so hot I could literally feel it burning my nose. I was definitely afraid to taste it... and when I did... I deeply regretted burning off what was left of my tongue. I love spicy food but I've never had something so fiery in my life! I couldn't even finish the burger...
If you do go to Slater's, I recommend their Thanksgiving Burger which has all the traditional trimmings: stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc. It was definitely the highlight of the night!
My friend made up her own custom burger. Let's just say anything with an egg on top is delicious, no matter what it is! She also opted for their famous 50/50 burger and it was deliciously moist, a bit salty, and a bit smoky - everything that you love about bacon!

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