Friday, January 14, 2011

Bruxie {Orange, CA}

I'm a bit lazy to gush on about the joys of the newest addition to our lovely town, but if I wasn't lazy, I would tell you, many times over, just how lovely Bruxie is. Because it is, it's super lovely.

You can't really beat perfectly crisp, light waffles, stuffed with the most delicious and fresh ingredients known to man. If you're around Orange, take a stroll down the seasoned streets, feel the sunlight on your face and take a big bite of these waffles sandwiches, just for me!

Goat cheese, arugula, and mushroom waffle with balsamic reduction:

Egg, bacon and cheddar waffle:

It's lovely to call this town home!


  1. wahhh YUM! waffles dressed up = delicious


  2. Waffles? These must be savoury waffles? I've never heard of such a thing. They look like bread. Either way, the fillings look delicious! And I love the thinness of the bread/waffle

  3. Wow, that waffle sandwich (wafflewich?) looks wonderful. The mushroom flavor sounds delicious. Great photos, too.

  4. What a brilliant idea! I have leftover waffles from breakfast this morning... Maybe I'll turn the leftovers into a homemade Bruxie for dinner!

  5. Drove by looked to small to enjoy anything. Sounds and looks good in pics