Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Waiola Shave Ice {Honolulu, HI}

Mmmm I love all kinds of ice. Shaved ice, shave ice, shaved snow - give me all of it! And yes, all of those things are different from each other. Hawaiian shave ice is probably one of the most delicious things to eat on a sunny, tropical island. It's like butter, baby. Melts in your mouth the instant it hits your tounge! 
You have tons of options: what to flavor you ice with, what add-ins you want, what you want to top it off with, what size, oy vey! It's hard to choose when everything looks so damn delicious!
Oh, and the little market inside has a plethora of li-hing candy - which, I must say, I am quite obsessed with. Li-hing is salty plum and li-hing candy has this tangy-salty-sweet taste to it which I love. It reminds me a lot of Mexican candy, which I also have a soft spot for. If you're an adventurous eater, I'd recommend trying some!
Okay, on to the ice. First up: root beer topped with condensed milk. Ideally, we should have gotten ice cream with this but in an attempt to restrain ourselves, we got the condensed milk and it was delicious none the less. I really think that no matter which flavor you choose, the ice will always be spectacular.
This one is flavored with lychee and haupia (coconut) and we topped it with some lilikoi (passionfruit) cream. Ugh. To die for. Seriously so refreshing, delicious, amazing!


  1. this post made me SO happy!
    hawaiian shave ice is my absolute favorite. i really haven't had any other shave ice as smooth and satisfying.

    li-hing is one of my favorite flavors! :)

    are you from hawaii?

  2. @ iloveyouvalentine: i heart hawaiian shaved ice!!! i'm not from hawaii, i was just visiting sadly :(

  3. heading to disney world this weekend and I can't wait to get the shaved ice at Epcot!!

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