Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Leonard's Bakery {Honolulu, HI}

Give me a donut, and I'm a happy girl. Give me a box full of delicious masaladas, I'm ecstatic. After hearing about all the hype about Leonard's, I was on a mission to get my hands on their goodies. After a long, tedious, but totally satisfying hike to Koko head (look it up, it's insane), we really needed to eat some major fat.

We got one of each flavor: original, cinnamon sugar, li-hing powder, custard filled, haupia custard filled, chocolate custard filled, and macadamia nut custard filled. I know.... excessive much? I loved almost every single one! They were tender, puffy, divine. The custard was impossibly smooth and the haupia and macadamia nut had nice flavor. I didn't love the dobash or chocolate one, it had this weird taste to it for some reason. Although I did like the li-hing sugar one, it definitely is a preferred taste, as no one else liked it haha!

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