Saturday, February 25, 2012

I just recently joined the iFamily and I couldn't be happier!

Just thought I'd share some tidbits of my life, via instagram :)

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(1) sofia riesling is delicious (2) getting back into reading after 'the hunger games' trilogy wooed me back (3) my love, baba ganoush (4) stripey metallic nails (5) dad & the babs (6) pretty fabric that i'm hoping to diy into something (7) water against pavement (8) feet needed some sunshine (9) morning breakfast

(1) my new diy studded iPhone case (2) sparkly vegas nights (3) tea + chambre de sucre sugars (4) mind was a jumble (5) baba and his doggie ice cream treat (6) sunset drives are best

(1) almond custard buns (2) art deco nails (3) silhouettes (4) me & coffee (5) blueberry almond frangipane fruit tart (6) diy chain rings (7) mixed print nail love (8) my furry love sleeping soundly (9) lemons, to make lemon bars!

As you can see, I just love instagramming my nails, my dog and my DIY projects, but sometimes a bit of food and nature sneaks their way in as well ;)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chambre de Sucre GIVEAWAY!

You all know I love tea, I drink it almost daily and even so, multiple times a day.  I don't often drink my tea sweetened but ever since the folks from Chambre de Sucre sent me their precious gourmet, handmade sugars, I couldn't resist. I mean seriously how precious are their products?! See my last post here.

Anyway, we wanted to extend the Chambre de Sucre love to my readers! 

They just came out with some of the sweetest sugars imaginable: little, heart-shaped sugars that come in a variety of pastels. Can you just imagine the fun you'd have with them? Especially if you threw a girl's day spa party or tea party with scones and muffins! Sounds like heaven to me...

To Enter:

Just leave your name, email and what color you'd like!

I'll name the winner in two weeks. Good luck to you all :)

Go here to browse through their selection and to see what color hearts are offered.


Update: This contest has now ended. Congratulations to Elizabeth Grace - hope you enjoy your mini purple hearts!

Their new and lovely heart sugar collections!

xoxo hope you guys enjoy xoxo

Sunday, February 5, 2012

MIA {Bad Girls}

New MIA. I'm loving it.