Monday, November 28, 2011

Chambre de Sucre

The lovely Kathy of Chambre de Sucre was so lovely as to send me a generous amount of samples. When she contacted me, I was excited. I drink tea almost daily, if not multiple times a day and even though most of the time I prefer it unsweetened, there are those days when I do need a little sugar fix.

The sugars from Chambre de Sucre are the most exquisite and delicate sugar fix you could ever get your hands on. Each type of sugar I was sent was beautiful and perfect. I never thought I'd describe sugar as such, but visit their site and you'll see how adorable everything is. Perfect for tea parties or get togethers with your girlfriends.

Anyways, I just love getting sent such beautiful products! Gives me the opportunity to shoot the heck out of them and then devour them afterwards - what a good deal.

I decided that the best match for such beautiful sugar was my most delicate tea, rose tea!

Their rock sugars were my favorite. I just love the rawness and natural look of it.

Visit their website here.


  1. utterly gorgeous photos

  2. ummm can i have some?

  3. @ anonymous: yes you can :) link posted

  4. omg these are so cute <3 your pictures are the best :D

  5. How do you get people to send you samples of things? Is it just because they find your blog lovely? (cause it totally is)