Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chocolate Éclair Cake

I love anything that has to do with custard, as you know well by now. It's just the perfect food; creamy, sweet, so unctuous! I've been wanting to make this Chocolate Éclair Cake for a while, but I was kind of iffy about all of the processed products in it and whether or not it would turn out tasty. Despite my own cautions about the cake, there were numerous glowing reviews about how easy and how incredibly delicious this cake is... so I went ahead and bit the bullet!

This icebox cake is everything everyone says it is. First, it's easy as hell, I mean seriously, all you have to do is assemble the dang thing, then let is rest in the refrigerator overnight. Secondly, and most importantly, it's effing delicious!!! Yes, I had to use multiple exclamation points because it is so yummy. It's custardy and rich and chocolatey all at the same time. 

I went ahead and did myself a favor by using all low-fat or sugar-free products to reduce my caloric intake. Something so luxurious to begin with can get away with shedding a few unneeded indulgences. Magically, this concoction does taste like an eclair, and if you love them, you must try this recipe! Something to note, the chocolate frosting makes the cake extremely sweet, so I suggest using a chocolate ganache instead, unless you like sticky sweet desserts.

Chocolate Éclair Cake
Yields: about 15 - 20 servings
Original recipe here.

1 package low-fat graham crackers
2 packages (3.4 oz.) sugar-free instant French vanilla pudding
8 oz. package fat-free Cool Whip
3 cups nonfat milk
16 oz. can chocolate frosting (or homemade chocolate ganache)

In a large bowl, mix together the milk and pudding mix until well combined, then fold in the Cool Whip. Arrange the graham crackers in a single layer in the bottom of a 9"x13" baking dish (you may need to break some crackers to fit the dish). Top with a layer of the pudding mixture (about 1 cm thick), then top with another layer of graham crackers. Continue this process until you finish the graham crackers. Spread the chocolate frosting or homemade ganache over the top of the last layer of graham crackers. Refrigerate for at least 5 hours and up to overnight before serving.


  1. Custard custard custard custard custard custard!!!!!!

    It is my favourite! And boy, does this look so delicious and tempting and heavenly!

    You know what? I just may be able to make this (even though I'm avoiding gluten/dairy/sugar at the moment). Your ingredient list isn't too crazy for me to modify. Hm..thanks!

  2. it sounds like the easiest cake in the world, made with ready-to-make ingredients. I will have to wait until I come to the US because in Italy you don't find any of those :( but it really looks extra yummi!

  3. Eclair cake is my aunt's classic Christmas dessert, and as I found out last year, it is also one of my MIL's. The latter prefers this method with the grahams, while the former is gung-ho and goes at the eclair dough and pastry cream from scratch. Both delicious. Some day I'll have my aunt teach me, but for now, the icebox style shall suffice!



  4. I was so surprised when I saw the ingredient list for this cake! It looked way too fancy and fluffy to be made from instant pudding and cool whip. I love easy dessert recipes, and this looks like a good one!

  5. I would love to hear from anyone who has tasted this recipe compared to an actual Eclair and let me know how big of a difference there... My dad loves Eclairs and I would love to make this for his Birthday I just want to know how different it taste compared to the real thing!!!