Monday, March 17, 2008

Blonde Euphoria

Obsessions of the moment:

Lykke Li
"Little Bit"
"Dance Dance Dance"
Only best described through her playful visuals:

Basia Bulat
"Oh My Darling"
"Before I Knew"
"Little Waltz"
"Snakes and Ladders"
Basically, I am obesessed with the whole CD. It has literally been on repeat since the moment I accquired it. It's one of those CD's where you are iffy at first listen but as you let the lyrics wash over a couple of times, you understand the beauty of the simplicity. That's exactly how to describe Basia's music, simple yet understatedly elegant and gorgeous. 

"Before I Knew" is a hideously short song that leaves you longing for at least another two minutes, but forces you to loop the song on repeat until the sun goes down. On the plus side, the ukulele makes me eternally happy.