Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bob's Donuts {San Francisco, CA}

Bob's is, in my book, the best donut shop. There's no fancy schmancy stuff here, no knick nacks or 'haute' donuts. These are the donuts you grew up eating, but the best versions of those that you will ever have.
To be honest, I might be a bit biased. Being wooed by the charming staff always has a way of upping the 'flavor factor' but believe me when I tell you that these donuts are g-o-o-d and bonus, the charming staff!
The optimal time to get these donuts are at their freshest, when they are being plopped into the hot grease for their daily bath and then placed warm and fresh right in front of your face, about 11 pm - 1 am. I mean why wouldn't you NOT want to eat a donut that has just freshly been fried? Yes, I know you do.
Ahhh... the joys of the cruller! Perfection. But I have to say my favorite thing to get here are the fresh apple fritters. These are by far the best apple fritters I've ever had in my life, and that's saying something, because I've had my fair share!
Mmm, simple yeasted donut with chocolate glaze. This will never get old...

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