Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mama's {San Francisco, CA}

Ah the joys of a good breakfast. I'm not normally a breakfast person, so when I do eat breakfast, I like to go all out. At Mama's, you can definitely do that and more!
To start, you simply wait in line, place your order, scramble to find a table and then they bring your food out to you. While you wait, you can play around with the homemade jam set on the table, ummm delicious!!! Oh, and you can sip on some delightful libations.
Our picks were the mimosa and bloody mary. The mimosa, small may it have been, packed quite the punch. I shared one and still felt a bit woozy, but at the same time was not heckling because of an overly strong alcohol taste - a mimosa done right. The bloody mary, beastly as it looked, was delicious as well.
My absolute favorite dish was the Northern Italian omelette. Yes, you can find eggs everywhere but you can't find them done well everywhere. This omelette had it going on, stuffed with all kinds of goodness and saltiness.
The Kugelhuph french toast was a sight for sore eyes, bathed in fresh berries and just a touch of powdered sugar.
This was my friends: the Huevos Rancheros. I didn't try it but I really can't imagine it being anything less than spectacular.
Yes, we wiped our plates clean, it was all worth it. Overall, Mama's is a great home-y breakfast nook that serves straightforwardly delicious food.

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