Friday, October 15, 2010

Class 302 {Rowland Heights}

After seeing this, I stopped to manually use my hands to close my jaw. I was in pure shock. It was something so beautiful, so foreign, so WEIRD!
It's shaved snow is what it is! No, it is not shaved ice, not at all. It's something completely different and completely more delicious. The most fabulous part about this shaved snow is that the ice itself is flavored. Today, we chose the green tea/ matcha ice which they use a special machine to shave off super thin sheets of ice. 
Topped with sweetened red beans, condensed milk and huge chunks of chewy rice cakes, it could not have been a more perfect treat. Mind you, we even ate this huge pile of ice on one of the colder days of Winter and enjoyed it immensely despite the teeth chattering. 
The texture is so enjoyable and odd at the same time! The whole time when eating it, my friends and I couldn't stop commenting on how odd the look of the ice was but how delicious it was all the same! It's basically fun and delicious - two good things when talking about food.
Best treat ever!
Look at those layers upon layers of ice!!
Mmmm chewy rice cakes!


  1. Woot woot! Welcome to the Shaved Snow Club!!

  2. Thanks for causing confusion by posting this and not really telling me what is in it. I am just confused and sad now :(

  3. that looks incredibly good. i'm hungry :)

    - Kimmy

  4. I've been here before!!! AMAZING

  5. The first time I tasted snow-ice it blew my mind. (Then froze it.) Love the photos!