Friday, October 15, 2010

The Doughnut Plant {New York, NY}

The Doughnut Plant was probably the one place I wanted to try the most because I simply love doughnuts. Unfortunately, my anticipation got the best of me. I just wasn't impressed by these doughnuts at all! Though the flavors were innovative and I loved the concept, the taste and texture just didn't deliver.

The flavors I got were:
1. Jam-filled with vanilla glaze
2. Tres leches with creme filling
3. Pumpkin pie with candied pepitas

The tres leches was probably the best out of the three because it was cake rather than yeasted. For some reason, their yeasted doughnuts had this weird, chewy (but not in a good way) texture. I liked the creme in the tres leches, but again, it didn't WOW me. The pumpkin pie donut had great pumpkin flavor but I couldn't get past the weird texture.

Maybe I didn't enjoy these doughnuts because I've been spoiled to the likes of Bob's & The Donut Man.

1 comment:

  1. You missed out on the creme brulee doughnut! That is by far the best one at The Doughnut Plant. I guess you'll just have to make another visit ;o)