Friday, October 15, 2010

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory {New York, NY}

Ice cream - universally loved by all! Asian flavors + ice cream = my dream world. I just love Asian flavors in typically non-Asian things. 
My favorite part about this place was that under the "exotic flavors" they listed what most would consider the normal flavors such as butter pecan and under "regular flavors" they listed the Asian flavors, which most people would consider not normal.
The flavors we tried were the mango-papaya sorbet, lychee ice cream and adzuki ice cream. The flavors were all spot on. The lychee flavor really shined through and had actual chunks, which was awesome! The mango-papaya sorbet was soooo perfect. The adzuki had a really delicate red bean flavor which was nice on a cool day.
Overall, we all really enjoyed the flavors but all agreed that Chinatown Ice Cream factory could stand to improve on their textures. The ice cream was not as smooth as we like and had a bit of iciness.

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