Friday, October 15, 2010

Kee's Chocolate's {New York, NY}

Another "Best Thing I Ever Ate" find!

Kee's is famous for their Creme Brulee truffles but unfortunately, they were out of them by the time I made my way to the store :( Instead I purchased some other items: green tea-mango truffle, passionfruit truffle, soursop macaron, rosewater-lychee macaron and passionfruit macaron.

I was so excited to try the macarons because of their innovative flavors - especially the soursop! Sadly, I was really dissapointed, the macarons were not good. The shell seemed stale, was empty and was not chewy like it should be on the inside. Thankfully, the truffles were awesome! I think Kee's should just stick to her chocolate.

1 comment:

  1. Shame about the macaroons - I guess they're very hard to perfect. But the choccie sure looks nice. I'm loving these reviews by the way! It's like I get to travel and eat with you :)