Friday, October 15, 2010

Wafels & Dinges {New York, NY}

It's amazing to me how on my trip to New York, I was able to eat so many "Bests." I had the best pizza ever, the best bread ever, the best milkshake ever, the best sandwich ever and now: the best waffle ever!
Hurrah to bests! We tried the liege waffle with the famous Spekuloos spread and boy were we in shock. My sister, who doesn't even like gingerbread/ spiced things enjoyed the spekuloos spread immensely - and even bought two bottles to bring home!

The waffle was a bit crispy, a bit chewy, and wholly perfect. The spekuloos spread was the icing on the cake: creamy, spiced, decadent and delicious.

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  1. That waffle looks perfect as you say..chewy, a bit crispy and drenched in deliciousness