Friday, October 15, 2010

Boiling Point {Hacienda Heights}

I love hot pots. There's Vietnamese hot pot, Japanese shabu shabu, and this, well this is Taiwanese hot pot and it's so freaking delicious!
Taiwanese hot pot is different than any other hot pot I've ever had. Most hot pots are light, simple, fulfilling. This hot pot was full of all types of delicious things, had tons of flavor and is served with the most delicious sauces I've ever had!

Above is the fermented bean sauce, on the left, and the garlic sauce, on the right. There was also a SUPER spicy sauce which is not pictured because even the picture would send fury and heat down your throat - that's how hot it was!
The lunch special comes with a free drink - I chose the green tea which was super refreshing and cute served in these little mason jar-ish cups.
See, inside the hot pot, there's all kinds of things: pickled greens, a raw egg, bean curd skin, glass noodles, lamb, fish balls and more to boot! 
I like to stir the egg in so that it gets all throughout the broth. Mmmmmm mmm mmmm!!!
Gosh I really love this on a cold, winter day!


  1. Nice! I can eat hotpot pretty much every week regardless the season I am in. Those pictures are making me drool right now!