Friday, October 15, 2010

53rd & 5th Halal Cart {New York, NY}

When talking about food in New York, certain things always come up: Katz Deli, Gray's Papaya, Pastis, etc. Another one of these things is the 53rd and 6th Halal Cart. Halal carts are all over the city, and when you pass them by they always have an alluring scent. When you walk past the one at 53rd and 6th, the same alluring scent is paired with an extremely long line of avid fans. 
For some reason, the one at this specific location has blown all others out of the water! And it's only at a specific time too! After waiting in a long line, which surprisingly went by fast, we finally got our hands on the chicken and gyro combination plates.
For $6.00 a pop, these things were HUGE and extremely filling. With perfectly cooked rice, super moist meat and fresh pita, these things were delightful and delicious. They also offer BBQ sauce or a ranch-ish white sauce if you want some extra zip. Although it was delicious, I'm curious as to what makes this one so much better than all those other halal carts you see in the city...

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