Friday, October 15, 2010

Num Pang {New York, NY}

Num Pang, I love you.
Quite simply.
Num Pang was my FAVORITE meal of my trip to New York. It's so me! Asian based with some nice fusion ideas mixed in. The sandwiches were all delicious, and I really mean all of them. After finishing our meal, we were stuffed, but it was so good that we contemplated trying more of the menu. We didn't - but we definitely will on our next visit!

It's funny because we all got a sandwich and sneaked bites of each others' but we each liked our own the most! My favorite part about the sandwiches though, was the bread. It was so perfectly chewy and delicious - one of the best I've had.
Five spiced pork belly with pickled rhubarb: utterly tender pork with my favorite pickled carrots. Sooo delicious.
Roasted cauliflower with Chinese & Thai eggplant spread: this one had a nice kick with a spicy sauce and was my ultimate favorite. I've never had a cauliflower sandwich before, and I can say now, I will have plenty more.
Peppercorn catfish with house made sweet soy sauce: with a delicious creamy sauce and tender fish, this sandwich was perfect. 

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  1. I am so glad that you tried the five spice pork belly sandwich. I was amazed the first time I had that sandwich. You definitely hit all the good spots in NYC. Don't forget to email me the next time you come here to find out which bakery has the best red velvet!