Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spring 2011 RTW

The latest & greatest of Spring 2011 ready-to-wear!
There was too much to love, really, too much.

Of course, Marc never fails. Ever since becoming head designer of Louis Vuitton, I really respect how incredibly versatile of a designer he is, it is truly amazing. Once you think you have him figured, he pulls another one of his classic 180's and dishes you something you would have never expected... amazing.
The soft tones of Alberta Ferretti were so beautifully romantic. I feel like the models need to be on horses, galloping on the beach with the wind in their hair or something!
Luisa was filled with girly pinks, and even though I don't love pink, I absolutely loved it in this collection.
When does Gucci ever fail to impress? The collection presented a strong, fashion forward and confident woman and it was wonderful to see.
Gosh I love Oscar. His pieces are always wonderfully structured but romantically soft at the same time. He really just knows how to dress a woman.
I will always have a special place in my heart for lace. It's classic, feminine, delicate and gorgeous - and Erdem really did perfect it in this collection!

Monique's color scheme was sooo perfectly Spring! I loved the pop of red along with the mint green, one of my favorite colors! She really knows how to dress a woman.
I am absolutely enamored by that coat from the end look! It's so chic and effortless.
I loved the earthy tones and the cutouts at Rodarte!

Chris Benz is always, always one of my favorites. His work with color is always phenomenal and I love his quirky designs.
There are so many Asian designers out there now! And I love ALL of them. Maybe it's because I'm Asian and we have the same aesthetic but nonetheless, gorgeous vision, design and execution. Loved the lightness of Thakoon's runway.Oh Derek, you never seem to disappoint, do you? A perfectly spring color palette with pieces that look incredibly easy to wear, yet still look like you could rule Manhattan.
I looooved Adam's color palette, but then again, I'm a sucker for neutral colors! What I also loved was his play on proportions - I mean look at those black trousers! They make the model look a million miles long and I adore the flair-ed bottom.

Close second as my favorite was Malandrino. I loved her work with textures and knit. It was wonderful how she had every color in the rainbow, yet delivered a collection that still had a uniform vision. It's the perfect wardrobe for vacation wear.

My ultimate favorite though, was definitely Jason Wu. I mean, I couldn't even bare to limit myself to 5 - 6 looks; it was impossible. Everything was incredibly chic, feminine, glamorous and had this incredible luxe look. I loved everything!! A pure celebration of the woman figure.
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  1. Oh all of those pieces are just divine. I wish I had the money to purchase them :) Thakoon is a really great designer (haha not just because your asian) but I never knew about him before today. I think my favourite is Erdem!

  2. difficult to say which I like the most!


  3. i love the fonts! where did you get them from?

  4. @ Kristin: thanks! i got them from :)