Friday, October 15, 2010

Grimaldi's {Brooklyn, NY}

Ah, that perfect slice of NY pizza - it's something that has eluded me all my life. There was not a shortage of good words for Grimaldi's pizza. After a tedious and tiresome five hour flight, a trip to Grimaldi's was well deserved for our first night in New York. 
Even though everyone told me to just try the 'Plain Pie' I couldn't help myself from trying the delicious sounding 'White Pie' listed in their menu. We added sausage and it was delicious! Crispy, slightly chewy, charred thin crusts are my favorite and Grimaldi's has got it down perfectly. Topped with gooey cheese, fresh basil and gorgeous olive oil. It was beyond words...
But... I don't think anything could top the beauty and perfection that is the 'Plain Pie.' Simply dressed with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil it was magical. Simple, yet so satisfying. Oh geez, I still dream about it!
Look at that cheese!!!
Plain Pie FTW!

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  1. My first visit to NYC was in June earlier this year. We waited in the loooong line outside Grimaldi's, not knowing if we were wasting our time. When finally seated, we too ordered the Plain Pie, and it was awesome, just as you describe. Yes, well worth the wait. Your pictures are wonderful.