Friday, October 15, 2010

Clinton Street Baking Company {New York, NY}

Clinton Street Baking Company was one of the refreshing surprises of our trip to New York. Although we had heard wonders of their fluffy blueberry pancakes, we didn't expect to have one of the best breakfasts of our lives... OUR LIVES!
AHHHH, look at those fluffy, gorgeous, utterly perfect blueberry pancakes! These were, quite frankly, the best pancakes I've had. But, my ultimate favorite was the maple butter served with them. It was salty, sweet and so good.
My favorite thing though was the brown sugar bacon. See that gorgeous, crispy bacon? Oh my goodness, I need to eat brown sugar bacon everyday for the rest of my life. I'd probably die from a heart attack by the age of 35 but hey, at least I lived right??? Oh and those fried green tomatoes in the center were quite spectacular as well.
Now, I personally, for some odd reason, don't really like egg scrambles but, my friends thoroughly enjoyed the chorizo scramble pictured above. The flavors were really great and I must admit, the chorizo was pretty fabulous! Plus, the potato side dish they served with it was like velvet and so comforting.
MMMM bacon.
Close up of the scramble:

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