Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Donut Man {Glendora, CA}

The Donut Man is one of those places that you hear of, either through word of mouth or through the portals of television or the world wide web. It's viral, spreads immediately and quickly, because well, it's that good.
The moment you step up to the window, your heart flutters as you see the rows upon rows of strawberry stuffed donuts. These donuts are the kind of creations that people travel far and wide for. They are seasonally available, and they also offer peach donuts when the season arrives.
Basically, these strawberry donuts are as close to perfection as it comes. The light yeasted donuts are stuffed to the brim with glazed, whole strawberries. You'd think that you'd die from overkill but they really took the time to figure out how many strawberries, how much sugar, and how much glaze to use so that it doesn't overwhelm you and isn't too overly sweet.
My second favorite though, has to be the Bavarian cream. I love, love, love, die for custard. If it's on the menu, I have to get it. This donut was literally stuffed with smooth Bavarian cream and then topped with some chocolate glaze... oh my goodness.
Other options, just as cute:
We also tried the apple fritter, which was ginormous! It was also super hearty, filled with large chunks of apple and raisins. Although this was good, I don't think anything can quite compare to Bob's apple fritters.

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