Thursday, July 1, 2010

Europane {Pasadena, CA}

Ah! The Best Thing I Ever Ate is like my foodie guide to good eats. Whenever they mention a place that I can actually go to, I set my sites and try to accomplish them as soon as possible!
The show featured the egg salad sandwich, shown above. It's special because it's made of soft boiled eggs rather than hard boiled eggs making it incredibly creamy and lush. It's served open-faced with mixed greens and a sun-dried tomato spread. Topped with some Tapatio or Tabasco and you've got the best egg salad sandwich ever.

The meatloaf sandwich though, was also really spectacular. Lots of flavor, meaty, and filling!
We decided to finish our meal with some French macarons, which if ever I see available, I have to immediately get. These were nice and large and were good, especially the sea salt caramel, my favorite of the varieties. But sadly, nothing quite compares to Paulette's macarons.

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