Saturday, July 10, 2010


I totally screwed up my blog!! I hate these new blogger layouts. I was just playing around and accidently removed my whole layout and can't get it back. Please help!!!!


I just had to roll with the punches. Had a little bit of fun trying to liven up the new templates but will miss my old one too :( On the up side, I learned how to make my pictures larger, YAY!


  1. Hi Michelle!
    I've only recently come across your lovely blog and I'm a fan for sure! I use googlereader so I'm not sure what your original layout was and if you have fixed it by now. I'm a recent graphic design graduate and I have web experience for sure. I use wordpress now for blogging and I HIGHLY recommend it. I used to use blogger and although it is very easy to start up, it definitely had it's set backs. I'm not sure how to get back your layout unless you previously saved it somewhere. Blogger can be tricky and not good at helping you do backups. Anyway, if you want to talk more and how I could help you, email me:

    Good luck and take care :)

  2. Michelle:

    first - I love the new banner. LOVE it.
    second: if you saved a copy of the previous layout on your computer you should be able to reinstall it (I have never done this...)
    third: good luck?

    oh, in my opinion both looks are quite nice.