Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lola Gaspar {Santa Ana, CA}

Lola was a pure Yelp find. It was raved about numerous times so eventually I knew I'd have to try it. My friends and I headed here for happy hour to order some drinks and snacks. The food, overall was nothing spectacular except for the delicious niblets below. The drinks, also were average. I actually thought the margarita was disgusting though.
For their happy hour, I opted for the sangria. Though my friend didn't really like their version, I enjoyed it a lot. It wasn't too sweet and was refreshing on a summer day.
My ultimate favorite was the bacon wrapped, blue cheese stuffed, dates! I'd never had dates before, especially like this. These were tangy from the blue cheese, sweet and chewy from the dates and crispy and salty from the bacon. I wish there were like 20 on the plate instead of the measly 5!

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