Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mochilato {Irvine, CA}

I hope that everybody's Valentine's day went well. My Valentine's was quiet and relaxing; spending my time cooking, scrapbooking, getting an amazing light tent from B, and enjoying an intimate dinner with him too. What a lucky girl I am!

Valentine's Day heart bokeh:

On our down time, we stopped by Mochilato. I've heard many good things about it and B & I recently discovered that it was just a second away from his house (literally). We ordered the single shaved ice combo that came with a "Single" sized shaved ice along with 2 mochis. I chose tiramisu and creme brulee mochis and their "Mochilato Way" shaved ice.
The mochi was soft and chewy on the outside and filled with creamy, smooth gelato. The tiramisu, in my opinion, was just mere coffee and the creme brulee was just a caramel flavored vanilla. Though they didn't live up to their expectations, I think if I had not known what flavors they should have been, I would have enjoyed them just a little bit more. Besides that, the gelato and mochi were delicious none the less.

Our "Mochilato Way"shaved ice:
The shaved ice was HUGE! It was meant to be a single, but B & I barely dented the thing and we had tons to take home too. It consisted of fresh shaved ice, with a plethora of fruit mounded on top; basically a mountain of kiwi, mango, strawberry, mochi, and other delights. Though each component on its own was delicious, I think everything together was a little overkill. Next time, I think I'll stick to the various flavors of Mochi they have or keep my shaved ice simple.

Tiramisu on the left, Creme Brulee on the right:

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