Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jason Nocito Photography

One photographer I really enjoy is Jason Nocito. His photography is unique and extremely refreshing. He photographs a wide array of subjects that vary from fashion to people to lots of random things (which I love the most). You can find his portfolio here. Or you can buy his newly released book, Loads, here. Here are some of his portraits:

Mary Kate Olsen
Cat Power
Emile Hirsch
Bat for Lashes
My favorite images of his come from his other website, The Ego Has Landed. On this website, he takes his photographs and juxtaposes them in order to suggest new, and often very playful meanings, as quirkily demonstrated by their titles. He takes something so banal out of our ordinary, everyday lives and makes it seem absurd, interesting, and contemplative. 

L.A., Lay.
Plastic Tree.
Elevate me later.
And my personal favorite (that I also used as my header), FLowerRock

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  1. That airplane foto simply looks stunning!