Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Kitchen {Los Angeles, CA}

People who live in Los Angeles like to eat locally, or at least that's what my best friend tells me. It makes sense though... with all of that horrendous LA traffic, it takes a good 30 minutes just to get from one side of town to the other. With all of the great restaurants around, eating locally doesn't get boring either!
If I were to live in LA though, I just know I wouldn't take the same approach to eating out. I'd travel far and wide to try every new restaurant, trend, scene. When my friend told me about The Kitchen, and it being one of her favorite new eateries in her neighborhood, I was excited to say the least. 
The first time I tried The Kitchen was on New Years Eve. As you might have guessed, for me, it wasn't very memorable. I tried the meatloaf, and to me, meatloaf is a great deal - so if you don't do it right, well I'll be very sad. 

The meatloaf... was just not as exciting as I hoped it to be. But, I decided to give The Kitchen another try, and this time for their brunch! The one thing my friend told me I had to, had to try was their pear pancakes. I was so excited about Pear Pancakes that I attempted to make them before even trying The Kitchen's famous ones themselves.  
Being the gluttons that we are, we both started with some savory breakfast. I opted for the Italian Breakfast Sandwich, which consisted of toasty, soft, fluffy slices of French bread, smothered in marinara, topped with perfectly poached eggs and zippy Parmesan and herbs. Alongside was a mound of country potatoes with sauteed veggies and bacon... and boy was it a mound of bacon... BACON!
As you can see, it was quite the spread. It was hearty and comforting on a warm Saturday morning. I really love how much bacon they gave me though... I hate it when restaurants skimp on things and they sure did not skimp me on any bacon!

My friend opted for the breakfast sandwich (picture all the way at the top). It was served alongside a frisee salad with blue cheese and breakfast potatoes as well. I didn't get to try it, but from the moans I heard across the table, I can deduce it hit the spot as well. 
Lastly, but certainly not least-ly are their utterly fabulous pear pancakes with caramel sauce... caramel sauce ugh!!! Can you believe we ended our meal with pancakes?! As if ginormous plates of meaty carnage weren't enough. But you know me... I can never end a meal without something sweet.

These were so fantastically fluffy and perfect, perfect pancakes. I wish there were more pear but that just made me savor every bit of caramelized pear. Every other part was doused in buttery caramel sauce deliciousness. The caramel sauce, decadent though it was, was perfectly balanced and not too sweet. 

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  1. yowza! what a breakfast. I respect your commitment to ending on a sweet note. the photos are stunners.