Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tailored Tuesday & Travel

1. paul & joe sister {so navy striped linen scarf}
linen scarves are perfect for those light summer breezes & late summer nights.

2. bally {vivyan leather-trimmed canvas tote}
a tote to carry everything you could ever need.

3. matthew williamson {escape shell-print silk-chiffon dress}
looks like a whole lot of lovely on a summer day.

4. cutler & gross {acetate and metal frame aviator sunglasses}
aviators are a classic, but these are a modern take on it.

5. miu miu {woven leather brogues}
ummm woven brogues?! a must for summer.

6. frederick fekkai {marine summer hair spray}
i love beach hair products for that perfect tousled look. 

7. fuct {ssdd a-3 backpack}
obsessed with backpacks lately, just bought this one. got a deal of course - looove it!

8. yves saint laurent {touche eclat radiant concealer}
i've always wanted to try this but it's a tad expensive! so chic!

9. zimmermann {embellished floral-print triangle bikini}
the colors just scream BEACH!

10. zara {luggage}
impractical to carry but sure is pretty.

11. clinique {dramatically different moisturizer}
i love this moisturizer because it's so light and not too oily.

12. nars {blush in orgasm}
the epic blush to end all blushes! looks awesome on everyone and the name is always a giggle.

13. forever 21 {2-piece gingham hair bow set}
bows make everything cuter.

waterfall frozen in mid fall? a definite sight to be seen.

i think anyone who wouldn't want to see aurora borealis must be certifiably insane.

baobad trees are these trees that grow inflammed because they harbor all of this excess water in their trunks. people might call them fat - i call them beautiful!

who knew such beauty was hiding in canada?

you can almost eat the stars they're so bright!


a small part of me dies whenever i see crystal clear, gorgeously bright blue water.

if only....

so awesome! imagine sun bathing with your friends, all in your own personal pool!

All images from Pinterest and Net-a-porter.
Images are linked to their sources.


  1. Thank you for posting full credits! Much appreciated!

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  3. lake louise & banff are gorgeous beyond belief--you absolutely MUST go someday. the canadian rockies in bc & alberta will just blow you away (this coming from a girl who grew up in colorado with the u.s. rockies in her backyard!)

  4. Thanks again for the inspiration (and reminder of how beautiful the world is!). I also have used dramatically different for about 6 years now. It seems impossible that it's real moisturizer because it's so light! I live just an hour from Lake Louise and was there this weekend in fact. The is another lake just 20 minutes away from there that is even more beautiful called Lake Morraine. I always get so sad when I go to Lake Louise and see the hotel that you have in your picture- it's made out of terrible material and really doesn't flow. To me it just seems like there was so much potential to make a masterpiece, made out of natural materials that was one with nature... Anyways, you should come here one day and we could have a tea! Have a great day!

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