Sunday, April 17, 2011

Proof Bakery {Los Angeles, CA}

On the way to the Glendale mall, a friend & I decided to stop by Proof Bakery which we've been hearing about and have been wanting to try for some time now. I love bakeries and seeing how different people make their bakeries their own.

Proof was a little hole in the wall, but simply gorgeous. Admittedly, I arrived 30 minutes before their closing time, so I knew I wouldn't have the greatest selection or the freshest goods... but I was willing to try it anyway. 
There was barely anything left, which says great things about the bakery! I just grabbed an almond croissant to go with an iced tea, while my friend grabbed some gougeres. The gougeres smelled so deliciously cheesy and were so perfectly crispy.

The almond croissant was good, but not as good as the ones I make haha. Although I don't make the croissant dough myself so I'll give them that!
Of course, I got iced tea because I love it so.

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  1. I love the look of bakeries too. They're so pretty and inviting! Great choice here.