Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tailored Tuesday & Travel

1. burberry {cotton twill trench coat}
it's good to be ready for every kind of weather. rain or shine!

2. tibi {silk crepe de chine top}
lightweight, fluttery, romantic, fun.

3. gucci {1930s travel bag}
um... my heart is fluttering from its beauty.

4. chloe {leather ballerina flats}
a bit classic, a bit modern, a bit perfect.

5. carven {pleated wool crepe skirt}
i'm all about the coral!

6. american express {platinum card}
plastic! charge, charge, charge away!

7. babajaan {jackie straw panama hat}
classic travel attire.

8. kate spade {cosmetics bag}
stripes are one of my big loves. 

9. jimmy choo {terence patent leather suitcase}
um seriously? jimmy choo + patent leather + suitcase = heaven.

10. michael kors {runway silicone and baguette watch}
if i was a watch person - this would be my watch.

11. polaroid {sx-70 camera}
because polaroids make any picture fun.

12. victoria beckham {modern cat-eye frame acetate sunglasses}
i'm on the lookout for a good cat-eye pair of sunglasses. these are pretty awesome.

13. essie {nail polish in trophy wife}
i just got this nail polish and it's love.

{pioneer square, seattle}
a trip to seattle would be complete with a trophy cupcake in hand!

{san francisco, california}
i think SF is one of my big time loves. it's my favorite city in the US, ever.

{santa cruz, california}
the one time I visited Santa Cruz, I was in awe of how gorgeous it was. i can't wait till we meet again.

ahh when is fields of yellow flowers ever wrong?

{sedona, arizona}
it's so amazing what beautiful things the earth comes up with.

{skaftafeli, iceland}
ummm, is this real? cause this is so awesome.

{smuggler's notch state park, vermont}
vermont doing it's part in making driving more enjoyable!

{taj majal, india}
i've wanted to go here ever since I was a little girl. those feelings haven't changed one bit.

i have a soft spot for tunnels and green.

{underground rivers, xcaret, mayan riviera, mexico}
i wonder what creatures live below here... but, heck, i'd swim in it anyway. who am i kidding?

all images found from net-a-porter & pinterest.


  1. beautiful images!


  2. I don't mean to be rude, but saying you found your images via net-a-porter and pinterest does not count as a citation. Especially when it comes to pinterest, which is basically just a site to recycle content lots of random people have found all over the internet. You should credit the original source for your images, or not post them at all.

  3. wow, one of my favorite posts! Love the shot of sf and the tibi silk top :)

  4. @ anonymous: that's not rude at all. when i gathered these images, i forgot to jot down the sources so that's why they aren't credited. in the future, i will try my best to provide sources!

  5. I love this post! first of all, I wish I owned numbers 9 through 13. I love that watch!! and all of these places are fantastic and I would absolutely love to go to each of them. I go to school in Arizona so Sedona is checked off (incredible), been wanting to visit Santa Cruz and Iceland for the longest time. (Not to mention every other place! haha)

    p.s. I don't think it's rude!


  6. ohh man i always love these posts!! soooo pretty! i want to go everywhere!

  7. That's such a sick watch. and Vermont is pretty nice I went there about 6 years ago stopped @ the Ben & Jerry's Factory.

  8. the Michael Kors watch is my watch too. it looks amazing. i also like the picture of SF. i don’t like the city, even i’m living here. but the picture makes me to like it more little bit :)

  9. These places all look so gorgeous, but I'm particularly happy to see Santa Cruz on this list! I'm from the bay area, and I looove day trips to Santa Cruz and that boardwalk! So gorgeous and fun! =]

  10. But what about Los Angeles? Why can't you venture down the coast just a little further? We have lots of beauty to entice you... If you don't believe me, check out my blog!!! (great post btw!)