Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boiling Crab {Garden Grove, CA}

If you live in Orange County, I'm sure you've heard all the rage that is Boiling Crab. It's insane how much people love this restaurant - so much so that you'll see a line round the block on almost every night! 
Bibs here are necessary cause eating here gets a little messy! If your hands aren't covered in spicy goo then you aren't enjoying yourself enough! The vibe here is definitely fun - the perfect place to kick back some beers and have a grand old time with friends will eating like savages!
The cajun fries here are awesome. Nothing particularly special or mind blowing but they have great flavor and are the most awesome vehicle for soaking up all the spicy juices. 
Boiling crab has a great selection of seafood but specializes in crawfish. When the season is right, the crawfish get enormous!! I like crawfish, but I'm not a diehard fan so I opted for the clams. Whatever you get, from shrimp, to crawfish, to clams, I recommend you get the "whole shebang" sauce which is a mixture of everything they've got - and everything they have is delicious! I enjoyed the clams a lot.
GIGANTOR crawfish!
But seriously, the best part of the meal is soaking the last of your french fries in the saucy mixture left in the bottom of your bag. Mmmmm.


  1. yum this seriously is making my stomach growl, considering i was already hungry! really want to visit this place!


  2. i want to try this place next time im in OC. thanks!