Friday, February 4, 2011

Hawaii | 2011

My trip to Hawaii was full of good eats, as you probably already saw!


it was also full of gorgeousness. Here's my photodiary of the trip:

Leaving Los Angeles and being in the midst of dreamy clouds:
Hawaii in a nutshell: palm trees and calm ocean.

The Dole Plantation garden was like fruit heaven!
Trees from the Dole Plantation looked like abstract paintings; love!
Sunsets: my favorite time of the day.
The view from the Makapu'u lighthouse:

The most perfect sunny day!
Even the birds are friendlier here! They come right up to you and aren't scared at all.
Hanauma Bay:
Hawaii had the most gorgeous foilage ever!
I heart red toes on glittery sand!
This photo is probably one of my favorites from the trip. It's understated but there's this wonder to it! It came be mistake too - I didn't even see the spider web when I took the shot but magically the light allowed it to appear. Awesomeness.
Goodbye Hanauma Bay, my love!
An early morning hike to Koko Head - the most challenging hike I've ever done! But sooo worth it :)
Oh hey Hanauma Bay! Nice to see you again! (The views from Koko Head)

Another morning hike to Manoa Falls, literally it's like you're in the jungle!
Greeted by jungle friends! Who knew cats grew wild in the Hawaiian jungle?
And chicken too! Baby chickees!
That's me, climbing a tree. You know, the usual.
The ocean: vast and expanse.
One of my favorite plants, at the top of Diamond Head. 
Having a wee bit of fun in the tunnels of Diamond Head. 

Till next time, Hawaii!


  1. Whoa I live in Manoa haha! These are such beautiful pictures, love them!

  2. OMG Michelle! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii but this just made me want to go RIGHT NOW! Fabulous photos, your favorite with the spiderweb is mine too! And I love the last shot too. Really shows off your fun personalities :).

  3. I really, really love your photography and your style! Thanks for the visual treat! :) Do you mind if I ask what you use to edit your photos?

  4. @ Sally: I don't mind at all! I use Adobe Lightroom to treat exposure and contrast, then use Adobe Photoshop to play around with tones and colors :)

  5. Beautiful photos! I'm actually from Oahu but have been living in Long Beach for the last two years, this post just made me so homesick! Glad you enjoyed your trip :)