Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Oinkster {Eagle Rock, CA}

After listening to my sister wax poetically about the joys of The Oinkster, I knew I had to try it one day. So that day came and here's what we had. Above, my friend got the veggie burger, being the vegetarian that she is. She said it was alright, and that there wasn't much texture; basically soft on soft on soft. The pulled pork sandwich is a pulled pork sandwich. It's pork, pork, pork and more pork! Stuffed to the brim with juicy, tasty pork.
I opted for the 1/2 chicken plate, which was served with rice, plantains and a delicious garlic sauce. The chicken was moist, the rice was tasty and the plantains were my favorite. But then again, I love plantains however and wherever. The garlic sauce though, deeee-licious!
Their piggy fries, though famed, did not wow me at all. I think I must have tried them on an off night because they were only slightly warm and the cheese wasn't even melted. It was just blah, but I'd be willing to give them one more shot.
The hands-down, BEST THING, about this place is the milkshakes! It's funny because this restaurant is so random, which I love. They feature classic burgers and fries, yet also have cuban food. Then they throw you for a loop and offer ube and horchata milkshakes. It's a literal melting pot of cultures here!

The ube, though delicious as it was, was not as ube-y as I wished it to be. The horchata, though, was AMAZING and utterly delicious. I could not stop drinking it, even though I was full beyond my wits.

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