Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Phillipe's {Los Angeles, CA}

Phillipe's is one of those classic Los Angeles eateries. Everyone's heard of it, and almost everyone's eaten there, at least 2+ times! Well, because I'm not from LA, I hadn't heard of it and hadn't eaten there 2+ times.
After having my fair share of Phillipe's, I have to say, I really would like to eat here 2+ times in the future. I ordered the lamb sandwich, double dipped (aka both sides of the sandwich dipped in the au jus), with an iced tea and macaroni salad.
The lamb was tender beyond belief, letting you know that some good time was put into this sandwich. The bread was just lightly moistened on the inside but not soggy. I especially loved the hot mustard they offer, but be careful, it's hot - in the, shoot up straight the nostrils kind of way. Bonus: the iced tea is under a buck, just like the good ole days.

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