Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gaja {Torrance, CA}

Some places are simply known for their one item; that item that headlines their entire menu and restaurant. Gaja, located in Torrance/ Lomita, is known for their okonomiyaki.
If you aren't familiar with okonomiyaki, it's probably in your best interest to invest some time in it, immediately. Basically, it's the Japanese version of the pancake, except savory, and except 20x better!
Gaja is special because they have tables where you can cook your own, making it interactive and authentic! My favorite part is conversing with your dining mates while waiting for the okonokiyaki to sizzle and crisp up. But that's soon topped once you grab a piece for yourself and chow down.
There's tons of options on toppings, from sauces, to bonito flakes and Japanese mayonnaise. It's all necessary, yes ALL of it. Mmmm okonomiyaki!

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