Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kaju Tofu House {Garden Grove, CA}

Kaju is a Korean restaurant that features tofu, most specifically Soon Dubu, a tofu soup dish. My friend had raved about the dish, so one day, we decided to try it together.
Of course, as with any good Korean restaurant, you get your assortment of side dishes. My favorite being the kimchi and kimchi cucumbers.
These side dishes go perfectly with kalbi. Mmmm kalbi. This came alongside the Soon Dubu in their lunch special. I have to say that's a good portion of kalbi, it being a side and all, but hey, there are no complaints here! More kalbi for me! This kalbi wasn't the best I've tried, but it did the trick.
The Soon Dubu arrived and looked fiery! It was bright red and bubbling up a storm. What's fun about this is that they give you an egg that you crack yourself into the hot soup and let meddle for a few minutes to cook. I loved this soup because it was spicy, but had nice chunks of soft tofu that calmed the palate.

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  1. i love korean food! i went to an all you can eat korean bbq somewhere in garden grove but i forgot the name. it was so good and cheap!