Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bo 7 Mon {Garden Grove, CA}

Bo 7 Mon translates to "7 courses of beef." Doesn't just reading that make you happy? Who doesn't want 7 courses of delicious beef, Vietnamese style!
The first course you get is a hot-pot of sorts. They give you a burner filled with broth and a plate of thinly sliced beef that you can cook yourself in the hot liquid. Alongside, they also give you lettuce, mint, a variety of herbs, rice paper, cucumber, unripe banana slices, the works. All of these things are necessary so that you can roll yourself some delicious spring rolls!
I love all spring rolls and I love meat, so this is the kind of place for me! Plus, I grew up eating this stuff on special occasions, so it will always be near and dear to my heart. All of the rolls are served with this pineapple-shrimp concoction that's deee-licious and full of flavor!
My all time favorite of all the courses though, has to be the two shown above. I'm sorry I don't exactly know what they are called but it doesn't matter because they are delicious beyond words!! I could eat them all day long haha.

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