Sunday, August 29, 2010


So far, I'm loving the new Sufjan Stevens releases! I've been anxiously waiting for him to release new songs since I don't even remember when. I guess he's no longer going the one CD per state route, although I secretly wish he still was. My new favorite though has to go to Hoodie Allen, I love how they incorporate sampling into their songs.
And I adore these remixes of William Fitzsimmons. Sometimes his songs can be a little slow paced for me, so these are the perfect version - or I think, anyways.
Since I can't host files anymore, I provided links to how you can grab your hands on these songs though the Hype Machine - one of my favorite websites ever!! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Crystal Castles

Sufjan Stevens

Calvin Harris


Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
[Janglin - RAC mix]

Hoodie Allen
[Words of Wisdom ft Two Door Cinema Club]
[You are Not a Robot ft. Marina & the Diamonds]

[Magical World ft. Nelly Furtado]

William Fitzsimmons
[So This is Goodbye - Pink Ganter Remix]
[I Don't Feel It Anymore - George Raquet Remix]

[New Soul ft. Yael Naim]

- - -

I also, loove this song [Sara Bareilles - King of Anything]. This music video is super fun. I especially love when she "plays" her piano of forks and the polaroid-ish format.


  1. ah i adore the cc's, can't wait to listen to the rest of ur stuff

  2. Really liking the feel of the William Fitzsimmons song I've heard so far. Thanks for continuing to share your fav music :).