Sunday, January 24, 2010

Empanada's Place {Costa Mesa, CA}

Ever since I came home from Chile, I've been missing everything about it, even the food. Why wouldn't I miss the food, you ask? Well, to be honest, Chile has some of the most non-exciting and non-delicious food I've ever encountered. But, the one thing I did like was the empanadas.
In the search for them, I came across Empanada's Place, a restaurant that specializes in all things empanadas. And that, they do. The varieties here are awesome, and you can choose from 10 + different kinds!
While these empanadas are fried and not baked, they are a bit heavier than what I'm used to and can get a bit on the heavy side but they are delicious none the less. My absolute favorite was the onion & cheese (last picture) - it was so savory and gooey and just perfect. But really, almost all of them quelled my cravings!

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