Friday, March 11, 2011

Café Casse Croute {Anaheim, CA}

Quaint little French cafe smack dab in the middle of Anaheim? Yep! Without recommendation, I would have never stepped foor into this teeny hole in the wall, but I'm sure glad I did. 
The cafe itself is tiny and probably only seats up to 20 people at maximum capacity. The decor is a bit shabby chic, more shabby and less chic but something about the whole place makes me smile a bit. The restaurant is owned by French Vietnamese people who actually give some care to their service - unlike so many other Vietnamese owners! I was pretty surprised by the lovely smiles and genuine care in service. 
The food was... delicious. For one, the prices here are probably the best thing about this place. Plates range from $5 to $12 dollars and portions are perfect, just enough to get you full, unlike potion sizes today which aim to give you cardiac arrest. 

The meatloaf was one of the best meals we had that day. It was smothered in mushroom gravy and onions and served alongside steamed veggies and hashed potatoes. It was perfectly seasoned and so comforting. 
My dad got their steak. Petite though it might be... I think it was well worth the EIGHT DOLLARS. I mean come on... have you ever heard of that? Ridiculous... and it was actually really tasty! 
Close up of the steak, served alongside crispy potatoes.
I got the Croque Madame and upon first bite, it was heaven. The most delicious ham & cheese ever. It was the best kind of greasy you can find, but not overly so where you feel sick after. The egg was scrambled, which was good, but I wish it was over easy as traditionally served. 
For once in my life, I'm gonna have to say: pass on the desserts. We tried the crepe and the cream puffs, and much to my dismay, both were sadly disappointing. The crepes were nothing spectacular and were soaked in this weird bubblegum flavored liqueur. The cream puffs had a weird texture and the custard was just meh also... 
Strawberry & Cream Crepe:
Cream puff:


  1. I totally agree, that place looks awesome! Might be because of your pictures though, beautiful as always :)

  2. lovely recommendation. i love your photography.


  3. How cute! I love the blue curtains surrounding the tables, and also I think the cream puff looks delicious! Even though you didn't like the texture.

  4. This looks like the kind of place I love to eat at. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm putting it on my list to try ;0