Monday, March 7, 2011

Manicure Mondays: Glitter French

I've been kind of obsessed with nail polish for a while, but lately, the obsession has grown... exponentially. I blame it on Pinterest. Every time I visit the site, I'm always inspired by everything I see - but especially by the gorgeous nail designs featured! 

Anyways, I did this yesterday and was so freaking excited about how gorgeous it looked. I couldn't stop staring at my nails, then my sister suggested I start "Manicure Mondays." It was more jokingly than anything else, and after laughing off the idea for a good five minutes, I thought, "Hey, why not?!"

So, here goes it. My first 'Manicure Monday.' Whoopee! 

Base Coat {Sally Hansen Diamond Strength}
Color Coat {Forever XXI Brand in Light Grey}
Top Coat {Seche Vite}

This was pretty basic. Just one layer of base coat, two layers of color, then when it was completely dry, use the striping brush to paint on the 'manicured tip.' It's actually a lot easier than it looks since the super thin brush makes it more manageable - but a steady hand does help! Finish with a top coat and enjoy! 

P.S. I don't think this will happen every week since I don't think it's humanly possible to make my nails pretty every week, but I'll sure try!


  1. So pretty!!!


  2. ah your blog is amazing! you seriously have magic hands! haha to bake and to keep them so well kept! cute nails btw!

  3. Wow,
    Your photos are absolutely exquisite! I was wondering what camera and lens you use.
    Peace and Love

  4. @ rose petal ear: thank you so much! i use a canon 30d and for these photos I used a canon 35mm f2.0 :)

  5. I've gotten really obsessed with manicures at the moment too! Yesterday I had this exact design except it was all pink and the glitter was white! This is a great idea and colour scheme too. I love your new idea of Manicure Mondays

  6. Ps. Check out this manicure set

  7. This is awesome.. great idea, your nails look incredible I really want to do it myself! :)


  8. I totally agree, Pinterest is awesome!

    And your fingernails are sooo pretty!

  9. super cutee i love your blog its my favvvvvvv