Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tailored Tuesday & Travel

I thought I'd start your day and my day off with a heavy dose of wanderlust and product envy.

1. kiki de montparnasse {shadow striped silk chiffon briefs & triangle bra}
because it's just so damn beautiful.

2. gucci {printed silk voile scarf}
channels screen legend!

3. stella mccartney {sleeveless crepe shift dress}
comfortable, lightweight; my perfect summer dress.

4. zara {suitcase}
quite possibly is the cutest suitcase ever.

5. canon {ef 85mm f1.2 II usm}
dream lens! oh so buttery.

6. moleskin {daily planner}
for sketches, daily lists, aspirations, anything else life throws at you.

7. marni {fringed leather and wood sandals}
obviously not for trekking cobblestone heels, but pretty practical at least.

8. paul smith for evian {water}
water that will translate style internationally!

9. clinique {bottom-lash mascara}
ah! i love this idea. regular mascara brushes are too large for the bottom lashes and this is only $10 a pop!

10. deborah lippmann nailpolish (glitter in the air/ some enchanted evening/ today was a fairytale}
dreamy nail polish perfect for the summer

{the dark gorge, salzburg, austria}
gosh, that shade of turquoise is killing me slowly.
{paris, france}
croissant? check. cappuccino? check. love in the city? possibly.
{Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece}
only like my dream vacation since I was 10!
{positano, italy}
imagining myself on a small boat, sunbathing, wind in hair, bowl of pasta in hand. cause that's just how i roll.
{horseshoe bend, arizona}
i'd love to road trip through the 50 states - there's so much beauty in our country alone!
{halong bay, vietnam}
i love vietnam!!! next visit, this is on the top of my list and the Hang Son Doong caves.
{marmol cave, chile chico, chile}
ah, chile! my love. I was there for 2 months and feel like I haven't even scratched it's surface. these caves are eerily spectacular!
{cenote ik kil, mexico}
can I please swing from one of these vines into this gorgeous water?!

all photos from Pinterest & Net-a-Porter.


  1. Oh my goodness...I really love this post.

    I'm so inspired by your choice of destinations, the blues, greens, and grottoes I wouldn't otherwise know about. Thank you!

  2. Agreed, great post. Pretty sure I would shoot someone in the foot for those sandals, just saying. I'm going to Paris and Salzburg this summer and this post made me even more excited.

  3. I've been to Mykonos and it is so worth it! Absolutely beautiful, and so very relaxing ;)

  4. ha long bay is on my to-do list as well! you'll find plenty of that beautiful lingerie in paris as well. have a few things from there that i never regret buying ;)

  5. love this ! makes me want to travel !

    visit me via:


  6. Great song Michelle!
    Check out my boyfriends mix he made, I think you might enjoy it.

  7. positanoooo! always have wanted to go. this post just made the travel bug in me go nutso!

  8. these places look so fabulous! especially chile! i'm determined to find those caves now!

    you should check out croatia. beeeeautiful place as well :)

  9. I was watching the Hang Son Doong caves in internet and I came to this beautiful Marmol Cave which I didn't know even though I'm Chilean. Here we have many beautiful places mainly in the south, Torres del Paine, Las 7 Tazas, The Glacier really beautiful places. I still don't know any of them, so sad, but someday I will, it's not that expensive, and for turists is even more cheaper.

    Saludos, greetings!

  10. That is not Mykonos, Greece! It's Navagio Beach on Zakynthos, Greece! Completely different set of islands. I would know, I'm Greek but here's a link: http://www.greeka.com/ionian/zakynthos/zakynthos-beaches/zakynthos-navagio.htm

    1. Thanks, I was misinformed! It is now changed :)