Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tailored Tuesday & Travel

1. jil sander {striped cashmere scarf}
the perfect lightweight scarf!

2. alexander wang {cotton & washed silk satin tank}
the perfect white tank is universal.

3. evian {mineral water spray}
the ultimate, refreshing pick-me-up in between sight-seeing and such.

4. theory {stretch cotton blend pants}
i'm not a khaki person really, but for whatever reason, they seem like the perfect traveling pants.

5. giambattista valli {metal cuffed leather t-bar sandals}
quite possibly the most glam, bad-ass sandals ever.

6. mac {penultimate eyeliner marker}
i'm in love with eyeliner pens; they're the easiest things to use and perfect for a quick touch up.

7. alexander wang {marti leather backpack}
an alexander wang backpack? yes, it's necessary.

8. lush {dream cream}
i'm in love with this stuff. a lightweight yet super moisturizing cream, cause dry elbows suck balls!

9. norton maccullough & locke {bespoke luggage}
oh my gosh, really now... this is most beautiful luggage ever.

10. psssssst {instant spray shampoo}
again, more stuff i love. dry shampoo is a traveler's dream.

11. essie {turquoise & caicos nailpolish}
the name for this makes me immediately love it. plus, nail polish to match perfectly blue waters - yes.

12. leica {hermes for leica camera}
in my dreams...

 {ageeba, egypt}
when you think of egypt, insanely blue water doesn't come to your mind does it? gosh, just look at that blue, it's beautiful.
 {antelope canyon, arizona}
there's so much beauty in the united states. i think we house some of the most gorgeous, sunset-colored canyons around!
 {barcelona, spain}
if i were given the chance to visit europe, spain would be one of my top three choices. the history, the culture, just amazingness.
 {flower fields, carlsbad, california}
this is soo close to me! i've been meaning to go, think of all the gorgeous pictures.
 {a fjord, norway}
a fjord is basically a narrow passageway or valley created by glacial activity. isn't it one of the most gorgeous things you've ever seen?
 {the great barrier reef, australia}
if it weren't for my egregious fear of sharks, i'd live here. 
 {green lake, tragoess, styria}
this is one of the coolest places i've ever heard of. in the winter, this area exists as a waterless park, with benches and everything. once summer hits and the glaciers melt, it turns into a crystal clear underwater world! how fabulous is that?
{jellyfish lake, palau}
another place that astonishes me. a lake filled to the brim with jellyfish that won't hurt you! you can swim in the midst of gorgeous, dancing creatures.

all images gathered from pinterest.


  1. That's all a girl needs! I love everything here. That eyeliner looks really good - I always do cat eyes - and its so important to have a sharp tip. Also, at first I was confused when I saw that picture of Egypt and the blue water. Such beautiful images! I would choose Spain though

  2. So many swoon-worthy things here. I need #1 and #12 (although I'm sure I'll get #1 before I'd get #12!). Lovely.

  3. You should definitely check out the Flower Fields this season - it's been super rainy in Carlsbad so they should be beautiful any day now! They have a photo competition each year too, preeeetty cool. (Sorry - I just wrote about the Fields and learned a little too much haha)

  4. these photos are beautiful! i want to go to all of these places!! and great roundup of travel items! i also love Lush's Dream Cream!

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