Saturday, August 29, 2009

Little Dom's {Los Angeles, CA}

Little Dom's is another one of those "Best Thing I Ever Ate" finds, gosh I love that show. They tell me jump off a bridge, I jump off a bridge.... just kidding. But really, they told me how delicious this breakfast pizza and look at me, I went and got it!
This place is definitely charming. It has a modern feel but still has a "run-by-an-Italian-mother" feel to it. My friend & I brunched here and we got the baked french toast as well as the breakfast pizza, so highly recommended. The french toast was awesome, though, a bit burnt on the edges and the pizza, though good, was not as delicious as I expected it to be. The speck on top though was a chewy delight and the egg on top? Mmm eggs are always good.
Look how cute the iced tea is!

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