Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Anepalco's Cafe {Orange, CA}

Sometimes the best food is from the smallest, little hole in the walls. And Anepalco's Cafe is no exception. I love Yelp. It's brought me more insight and new discoveries than word of mouth ever could. I've definitely driven past Anepalco's numerous times and I probably would have never given it any more thought if I hadn't heard about it on Yelp.

Thanks to Yelp, I've found an amazing new restaurant! Anepalco's Cafe is a quaint little restaurant that has a mix of French, Mexican, and American food. They are most famous for their Columbian coffee and Chilaquiles. The coffee was indeed good, but I'm not quite sure if it's "the best in town" as they proclaim but their chilaquiles? YES, the best I've ever encountered. It's a beautiful sight to look at, topped with avocado cream and beyond delicious chile oil! Truly amazing.

We also had the Poulet Crepe, which was filled with chicken, mushrooms, swiss cheese and bernaise sauce. I haven't had a crepe in a while, and tasting this heavenly sight made me remember how good they were! The bernaise was nice and tangy, while the cheese was stringy and melty. It was just a damn good breakfast and portions were huge! My sister and I could only finish half of each of our plates!

Basically, if you live near by, you have to come stop by! It's a good, neighborhood eatery. I mean look at that delicious bite of chilaquiles!!!

Their website is here.
And their rave reviews from Yelp are here.

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